Dwaine Scott


Dwaine lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
Canada. He talks to his sister about moving out
of a nursing home.

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6 Comments to “Dwaine Scott”

  1. it was great

  2. hey Dwaine sure enjoyed the interview with your sister.
    I can also appreciate your desire to move out from the nursing home as my guess is you are one of the youngest occupants and not into the old age / retirement mode yet.
    Does the Saskatchewan government not have a personal advocate program for people like yourself to help you and your sister get through the system?

  3. Hi Dwiane.

    I really hope that you will be getting your own home soon. Being able to be your own person and make your decisions. Doing things on your own and when you ask for help, it will be wonderful for you.
    Good luck.

  4. Hi Dwaine , I really hope you find a new place to stay where you will have more freedom and access to the world.

  5. My name is Ann West, and no do not ever put me into a nursing home.

  6. I would like to see him get out and live in an apartment of his own.